Статус: Срочнo

2680 zl – 3225 zl
18 760 uah – 22 575 uah
625 euro – 750 euro

Обязанности: Order picking, packaging, sorting products (clothes, shoes, toys, various types of scenery), work with a scanner.

Страна: Poland

Пол: Men, women, this. couples

Возраст: under 45 years old

Опыт работы:

Условия трудоустройства: Visa for at least 4 months

Оплата труда: from 11.2 PLN depending on the performance of the norm

Рабочий день: 10-12 hours (6 days a week)

Проживание: 350 PLN calculated from zp

Питание: at his own expense. The dining room has a fridge, kettle, microwave.

Дополнительная информация: Driving to and from work is free. Work clothes issued Official employment. Contract - Umowa Zleceniе. The possibility of renewal of documents

Город: Goleniów (30 km from Szczecin)