Статус: Срочнo

720 euro – 1200 euro
21 600 uah – 36 000 uah

Обязанности: Work on the construction. Installation, fixing and knitting fittings, installation of reinforced concrete structures.

Страна: Latvia

Пол: man

Возраст: up to 50 years

Опыт работы:

Условия трудоустройства: Good physical shape, no bad habits

Оплата труда: from 3 euros per hour in the dependence of knowledge and skills.

Рабочий день: 10-12 hours (6 days a week)

Проживание: is free

Питание: at own expense

Дополнительная информация: Work clothes at the employer's expense Official employment with the possibility of obtaining a residence permit card

Город: all over Latvia