Статус: Срочнo

140 000 ft – 170 000 ft
13 000 uah – 16 000 uah
430 euro – 530 euro

Обязанности: Collection of mechanical components, products (electronic circuit boards). Product quality control, documentation in the electronic system.

Страна: Hungary

Пол: Men, women, this. couples

Возраст: under 60

Опыт работы:

Условия трудоустройства: biometric passport

Оплата труда: from 140,000 ft.

Рабочий день: 12 hours (6 days a week)

Проживание: is free

Питание: 1 lunch per shift

Дополнительная информация: working clothes are provided, taken to the place of work. Make cards

Город: throughout the territory of Hungary