• Worker at the warehouse of clothes

    Order picking, packaging, sorting products (clothes, shoes, toys, various types of scenery), work with a scanner.
  • A carpenter

    The implementation of complex carpentry in low-rise cottage construction. Restoration of wooden elements on the finished samples, drawings and sketches after a fire, flood.
  • TIG welder

    Performing welding operations using the TIG method at an industrial equipment manufacturing plant (working with stainless steel).
  • Automaking worker

    maintenance of an automatic or semi-automatic production line for the production of automotive elements handmade. Quality control of manufactured items. Installation of components in accordance with the instructions. Ensuring the required quality of finished products
  • Automaking worker

    Manufacture of armrests and headrests in the salons of cars of different brands. Installation, polishing of leather, a service of simple machines.
  • Car Production Operator

    Collection of mechanical components, products (electronic circuit boards). Product quality control, documentation in the electronic system.
  • Parcel sorting worker

    loading and unloading trucks using a conveyor belt. Package weight from 0.5 to 50 kg.
  • Handyman on construction site

    Work on the construction. Installation, fixing and knitting fittings, installation of reinforced concrete structures.